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Hoopsnake: Rekursion in Grasshopper

Aus aktuellem Anlass: Die Komponente „Hoopsnake“ von Yannis Chatzikonstantinou ermöglicht rekursive Prozesse in Grasshopper. Aus dem beschreibenden Text: „HoopSnake, apart from a legendary creature, is simple component for Grasshopper. What it does in principle is to create a copy of the data it receives at it’s input upon user request and store it locally. This duplicate is made available through a standard Grasshopper parameter output. What turns this operation from mundane to actually promising is the fact that the input of the component includes some custom programming to escape Grasshopper’s recursive loop avoidance check. What this means in practice is that it is possible through the use of HoopSnake to send the output of a set of components back to it’s input in a looping fashion. With the help of a little bit of Data Tree / Data List manipulation, this should open up some new possibilities for iterative process modeling.“


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